The Brycoal Story

About 64 million youths are unemployed in Nigeria and with the enormous waste generation problem, the country is sitting on a gold mine, Brycoal seeks to create value from organic waste generation through clean energy production thus decreasing greenhouse emissions from unsustainable charcoal production, creating this ecosystem provides employment for those at the bottom of the pyramid and prevents premature deaths from unhealthy cooking practices in households.

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About Us

Brycoal in an indigenous technology company founded in September 2018, that focused on building efficient agricultural waste management systems and producing clean and alternative sources of cooking energy for rural and local homes across Africa. We provide clean, sustainable, and efficient cooking and heating fuel in form of charcoal briquettes for domestic and commercial purposes.


• Crop waste management: To process over 11 million kilograms of organic crop waste.

• Production capacity: Produce 1000MT of charcoal briquettes annually.

• Reduction of emission: Reduce 90 million liters of CH4 emission.

• Intended reach: Reach over 1 million households and SMEs.


  • Reduction of vector borne diseases.
  • Improvement of local air quality.
  • Reduction of GHG emissions.
  • Job creation and economic growth.
  • Provide clean cooking and heating fuel to households and SMEs.
  • Tackle open residue burning in rural communities and (HAP) hazardous air pollutants in households.
  • Elimination of dumpsites in the city and at farms.

We are focused on building sustainable models, solutions, and businesses


We are all about improving old methods in a new and more efficient way.

Respect & Commitment

We show unrivaled commitment to our work and clients alike.

Solution Oriented

Even though we are a commercial enterprise, 95% of our operations are geared towards social impact.


We have developed exceptional business ethics and ensured that our operations are transparent and customer-centric


We have a custom to indulge and execute to the best of our ability. We promote excellence in all we do.

What we do

Innovation and Technology are at the heart of the work we do, we believe in breaking barriers, disrupting and challenging stereotypes in order to create positive change. Our solution and business model revolves around the efficient utilization of biomass waste generated by smallholder farmers and SMEs for the production of eco-friendly charcoal, through the engineered collection, sorting, and processing of Agro-waste. Agricultural waste such as palm kernel shells, coconut shells, sugarcane trash, and rice husk are processed into charcoal substitutes that have a higher energy content and a healthier, smokeless option compared to fuelwood.

Agro/Crop waste management systems

Charcoal Briquettes


Wholesale Supply

Social Impact & Youth Engagement in Local communities

With Brycoal’s waste-for-cash model, small farm holders can increase their earnings by up to 18%, allowing them to acquire farming inputs, small scale equipment and improved seedlings. Furthermore, through our operations, within 5 years, we would have created 5,000 jobs as well as saved over 100,000 trees, that otherwise would have been used to make conventional charcoal. We also contribute our quota in decreasing carbon emissions from open crop waste burning in rural farming communities by sensitization and buying over the waste.

Youth empowerment and training is another area we have been big on. Our system puts in place a number of rural-focused programs that give beneficiaries access to our mentorship and upskilling projects. Our goal is to empower eligible youth with modern and employable skills- by extension reducing the level of rural unemployment in Nigeria.

Why do business with us?

We challenge stereotypes across the Nigerian innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem and exemplify the spirit of creativity and value driven service. We provide global standard products that can compete favorably in any market. Our ‘never-give-up’ spirit and audacity to succeed where others have failed is a huge part of why we are unique. Our numbers, staff, and experience are unbeatable. Brycoal Nigeria has recorded multiple successes and we are nowhere close to stopping.

We are a diverse team of engineers, business specialists, strategists, marketers and other professional experts. Our highly skilled workforce employs innovative and cutting-edge ideas in delivering outstanding services across the energy and social impact industries. Our experience has given us a deep and comprehensive understanding of the markets we serve and the ability to effectively manage resources, identify challenges and proffer solutions to meet client’s expectations. With our team’s expertise and cumulative experience, Brycoal is committed to building a sustainable future for our industry which is why, we are constantly looking for innovative approaches to deliver our work.

Meet the team

Ubaidurrahman Suleiman

Co-founder & Chief Executive officer

Mustapha Sani

Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer

Tasneem Babaji

Project Manager

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